Welcome to PEMAC Assets eLearning (LMS)

Getting Started

Your Administrator will allocate you relevant courses to achieve a Certificate.

  • Each Certificate will have Multiple Courses 
  • Each Course has Multiple Lessons 
  • Each Lesson has a specific Video, followed by a quiz
  • Each lesson will take approximately 5 minutes to view the video and take the quiz

To start, please follow these instructions:

  1. Speakers or headphones are required
  2. Courses are arranged in a sequential order that you are required to follow
  3. Request a User name and password for the PEMAC LMS from your Administrator  
  4. Login
  5. First go to the Learning Pathway, you have been enrolled on the courses marked in green
  6. Please observe a list of Certified Courses arranged on a sequential order
  7. Click on the first green one in the list of courses to be achieved
  8. Click on the first obligatory course i.e. “How do I login to PEMAC Assets” 
  9. Maximize the video screen by clicking on Screen/TV icon on the bottom right of video 
  10. After you have watched the video, a multiple choice Quiz will appear in the "navigation" section on the left of the screen
  11. Answer the quiz questions – to progress you will need to have achieved 100% on each quiz
  12. When the courses have been completed, then download your Certificate of Achievement (save or print to record on you HR file)

For an overview of the above steps please review the video below...